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A Fun Way to Dress Up your Hallway

Oh, hallways. They are those narrow, confined spaces in the house that become a dumping ground of shoes, coats, etc. The middle children of interior design, they are easily forgotten. It doesn’t always have to be this way. Talk about spicing up your corridor to make it feel more like an entranceway than a route leading you only to the “important” spaces. Let’s read more about hallway decorations.

Let’s first talk about color. It’s not uncommon for hallways to be cloaked in shadows. This can make them appear like they are from a horror flick. Brighten up! Brighten up! Bold is the new bold. Lime green is a color you may have never considered. Perhaps now is the right time. You can also opt for a more temporary solution if you are not yet ready to make the commitment to become the house that has the “green corridor”. The wallpaper will protect you and your walls. Wallpaper patterns are now available that would make anyone smile, even if they were a stoic.

Lighting is a key factor in determining the success of a room. Single bulb lighting fixtures look like they belong in a cell. You can use wall sconces to create a pattern or string lights for a funky look. Who says they are only suitable for dorms and balconies?

It’s not possible to just throw a couch in. A skinny console is a good idea. It’s perfect for storing keys and letters. Why not include a bench if you have the space? This is like saying “Yeah. My hallway is where I also casually sit to ponder the meaning of life.”

Let’s be personal, gallery walls aren’t only for the living room anymore. Art pieces that shout (or whisper), “you” are a great way to spice up your gallery wall. You can also line up old family photos to make a journey down memory for every trip you take down the hall.

They are a magic tool for tight places. The mirrors will bounce light all over the place and double your hallway’s size, without knocking any walls down.

Do not forget the texture. It adds dimension without taking up space. It’s a good idea to use a runner rug as if it were rugs. They are both comfortable and able to be patterned or colored.

You have a spot that is extra wide or landings? Creativity is key! You can turn a chair near a bookshelf into impromptu reading area. Why let living rooms get all the fun!

Do not underestimate the ability of scents to change a place from “meh” into “ahh.” Candles or diffusers strategically placed can make a huge difference.

Every inch of your place deserves to be loved, even the spots that you pass by on your way to Point B. Enjoy decorating your home!

You can transform halls into dazzling spaces by mixing personal style with practical creativity. You can express yourself in every corner of the room. Have fun, be creative, and feel as if you are walking on a runway at fashion week in your comfy slippers. Show some love to the hall by grabbing its doorknobs!